From the province filled with culture comes a young man, full of life, love and music. Mpumalanga and Witbank is proud to have Monde Msutwana as its representative. Monde Msutwana grew up in Witbank and matriculated from Greendale in 2000. Monde is a singer, songwriter and musician based in Gauteng, Pretoria. His soulful voice has been heard on Idols throughout Season 8 2012. He went against all odds to beat thousands of contestants and snatched the top 3 spot.

He can take you comfortably along memories and emotions, a journey through Soul, R&B, Pop, Jazz & Rock. He is a seasoned singer and performer. Monde is brewing an album that will intoxicate the hearts of South Africans with soulful melodic lines and lyrics that pull at the heart strings.
Monde has performed on numerous stages both locally and internationally earlier in the past decade. His latest work can be heard on Musa Manzini’s new album Trust In Love where his soothing melodic tone navigates through the following songs “I’m In Love With You” and “Trust In Love”.

2011 saw Monde moving into the corporate world with a unit called The Groove Council under the creative eye of Nana Stapelberg the founder of the company Sugar and Groove. Monde has worked with The Groove Council on product launches and special events for AVI, Nokia, Wilmar Continental, CNA, McCain, Wilbury, Anglo American, Tiger Brands, ProAct and Snackworx to name but a few.

He has worked extensively on the 2010 World Cup Documentary with Brendan Jury and that has landed him a feature as the main vocalist for a movie with Anant Singh which will be released in the coming years and on the soundtrack of Inside Story, which was directed by Rolie Nikiwe, the director of Rhythm City, Intersexions and A Place Called Home. Inside Story is a movie on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

A jazz fundi and lover of the art, Monde has vast experience in other genres. He is versatile as he comfortably navigates his way through Jazz, Soul, Pop, R&B, House, Dance/Trance and many other genres. He has collaborated with international Belgian Based dance and house producer, DJ Phillip (Meers) on the cover song Sweet Harmony by The Beloved. Monde has also worked with South African trance master Eric M on songs like “Don’t You, Love is a Stranger, Safety Dance, Good Heart” and many others.


Monde has worked extensively and successfully in theatre since 1999 in various productions like Fantasy of Light, Tree of Light, Best End of Broadway, On Set, Born in the RSA 2&3, Melodies of Love, Decades Deelite, Movin’& Shakin’. He has also graced the stages of the Barnyard Theatre on the Diamonds & Dust production across South Africa. As a freelancer he makes appearances at weddings and corporate settings.
He has taken part in the World Championships of Performing Arts in L.A California where he and his duet partner Nelda grabbed two trophies for the Duets categories. Monde was also part of Global Harmony Japan in 2002. Global Harmony was a charity initiative for the people still affected by the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima.