I forgive you

I forgive you, where ever you are

I pardon you. 

I spent sleepless nights 

Feeling the pain of still loving you, 

Thoughts of qualms, odium, I despised you

But I pardon you

You took my dreams, played with my heart

But I forgive you

I forgive you

You battered my heart, stole from me

You made me feel insignificant, useless

You made it seem as though I needed you

More than I needed myself, 

That without you there was no one else

I pardon you. 

I wish you could change so I can love you again.
But in your remaining, it is self-explaining

I want to tell you how much you…

You distorted my love 

Therefore I can no longer love

But I forgive you

I reached deep within 

Unlocked my heart opened my eyes

Still you’re not here, I hear

In you I saw a lot more

Planned so much further

I pardon you

In forgiving you, I forgive you…

In forgiving you, I know that I…

  • Onthatile

    I forgive you too. 🙂 Well written