My loving you is now far beyond the comprehension

Of an ordinary man, my love has now dug deep to the hub

I have tried using another man’s words to decipher this

Yet no man has yet to find words to say 

Nor have I been auspicious enough to find that phrase or word

That merely tells one of the trueness I feel when you

Bless me with your presence. 

So here I sit with words crowding the only sense I can make from loving you

They all, in circles, play around the word love

Not even love himself can tell nor show how I feel

I guess I have then, what most man feel, yet have difficulty expressing

My love, my love for you is… exactly that no word still has made its appearance to me. 

So cliché as it may be, you all I am, and all that I ever will be. 

Ti amour. 

  • Nyaniso

    The art of playing with words to express feelings or your insight… Beautiful…

  • Lady K Devine

    this is here is art….I would to hear these words combined with a beautiful melody