Thoughts just keep echoing through my mind, 

I hear voices of laughter and pain, 

I see visions and hallucinations of what use to be, 

Am I loosing my mind, or could it be something else…

I spend sleepless nights thinking of you, 

I awake at night with dreams of fear that are now reality,
I call out to you as though you are there,
Am I loosing my mind, or is it something else…

Visions, dreams, love lost, voices, echoes,
Feelings, hopes, fantasies, but most of all memories, 

Floating away on a river of blood. 

Am I loosing my mind, could this be insanity?

To love is a pain greater than loosing the one you love

So I want to regain my sanity, I need you back

I know now that I am not loosing my mind

Instead I am loosing all I had and needed, from loosing you.