You are perfection perfected immaculately, your skin smoother than silk

A subject on influential minds, a story to be told continually

Your eyes, a vast fulfillment. 

A creation derived from pureness, my eyes glare at light emitted by your existence. 

You are shades of pink infused with lilac

The scent of your perfume

You are a quandary unsolved

A new discovery to what maketh a man. 

You are only but a woman of honesty

A lady of style, class and finesse

You are to those that know not, an enticement

A channel to frequency, the discovery of

Emotions lost to mankind. 

Lifeless they remain they that have yet encountered. 

Bliss to an island in the heavens

Emancipation to the enslaved

Freedom to eternal spiritual captivity. 

Shameless he feels, he that has trodden and taken for granted

The sincerity of your presence

Shameless he feels he that has left cause of greed.
The veracity of her intent

  • Lerato Lepheana

    Wow, so happy for Monde. Keep on keeping on. Hope to see and hear their melodies voice of yours.

  • Rushane

    Wow what a powerful poetry, I’m so proud of Monde.

  • Onthatile Botle Lephatsoana

    Beautiful writing…

  • Siphiwokuhle Ugonma Mantashè

    My word……I’ve read this over and over a million times – I think I know it off by head now – You are amazing Mr Msutwana!! xx

    • Thank you so much Ms Mantashe. Glad you found healing through this poem. Feel free to comment or like my recent posting The Abundant Building.
      Much Love

      Monde Msutwana